Our grandson got a full ride scholarship and we are so proud of him. Only one student from his school could get it and he was the one they chose. It is in computers and he was taking a college level class and showed the teacher how to solve a problem so when the 4 companies sponsoring the pilot program came looking for students his teacher told them he had just the right student.

Christopher got a letter of intent from his 1st college choice today to play basketball..

this is a private school and it was looking like there would have to be student loans to get him through the next two years ( his first two were at the local community college so thus far he is debt free)
Not only will he get an amount for basketball, but a work study that will allow him to work in his major doing conditioning with incoming student athletes and team manager for other sports…

As you probably saw from my post last night we did our first one day staycation this weekend

it ended up being a very simple day due to the tornadoes changing our plans from a day that started with a farmers market, and worked its way through several other scheduled stops and getting home very late to one that was just a super simple close at home relaxing day. Of course I’ve blogged about it and while I was at it I did two movie reviews. One on Iron Man III and one on After Earth. There are links for those reviews in the blog listed below.
As for the rest of the week. After getting the plants in the garden finally we started losing sweet potato plants to the rabbits. I can’t put blood meal down with any success until the rains stop coming every day so I may end up with no sweet potatoes this summer due to those wascally wabbits. Oh well, I’ll plant something else if they get them all. You know the old saying when you live in the country, you plant three of everything, two for the critters and one for you.
Budget went well this last week, and I was able to pay a little bit extra on the Bank of America (bad credit payday loans), can’t wait to finish it off so I can get started on the bill I really want gone. We got a little help on that front Saturday when we came in well under budget for our staycation (using our blow money we had built up for that) and I received a small royalty check again. I’ll hang onto the staycation/blow money for our next outing, but as soon as I make certain we’ve got everything covered I’ll use the royalty money (all or part) on the cc to help lower it.
I accepted one mystery shopping job this week, basically a reimbursement one, just enough to keep my hand in just in case we should ever need to be super dependent on it again. It was also for somewhere I was going anyway.
Dh’s travel money was on this paycheck, so that added a little more bonus for us. He tells me he may be traveling again within the next couple of weeks. I miss him when he’s gone, but we both love the extra income. LOL!
We also cancelled our plans for a big ticket item that we have been putting tiny amounts back on to get debt free faster. It is something that the world won’t end if we don’t get it, but we all really wanted it. Just re-adjusting our priorities here again. Dang that obsession with getting debt free!

I forgot to mention

Eldred needs to bring his bike. My husband rides his bike through the woods every night. Eldred knows where I live. I definitely live in the woods. These aren’t cute, friendly woods! We do have bears and other intersting animals. It’s rustic trails, but, they’ll make you feel good when you’re done riding them. My husband will get his butt ready for his next ride whether he likes it or not! His rides are a lot friendlier than what my husband will put him through, but it’s all good, right???

So, as I’ve mentioned in the past

we do a family based budget, and a business based budget, every Friday. Last Friday, I showed my husband three categories that we normally put money into our sinking funds for (these are not accounts that we have the money autodrafted for), but for the first time this year, we were going to be a little short on cash, and knowing that we would have a bigger check this week, I told him, I think we should skip funding those three accounts and just plan on doubling up our deposits into those accounts this week when there would be a bit of a surplus. We agreed that in doing so, it would make our family based budget fairly tight, but lets just forgo making those three payments last week, and we’ll bite the bullet and pay double this week. Lo and behold, last night my husband comes home late from work and what does he have? An unexpected, extra check, and it was just $10 short of what we needed to fund those three accounts we’d skipped over just a few days before. Amazing! I made the deposit of the check on my phone and made arrangements to have those three ING accounts funded with this money immediately. Isn’t it amazing how wonderful everything comes together when you have a plan????

You’re so funny

Last year I did the whole extreme couponing/drug store game. I ended up with so much stuff, I didn’t buy a whole lot this year. We’re still good for paper towels, but I only have 3 six packs of toilet paper left. My husband feels like I’ve let the family down because the supply has dwindled to this. What he fails to realize is that it’s been over a year since I’ve even purchased tp (or paper towels, or flour, or sugar, or shampoo or toothpaste or deoderant, etc.). He should be impressed but he feels I should have stayed on top of it so this meager supply is left.